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              Quality is more important than everything

              Concentrate on professionalism and bring together all the hard work – the insistence on the perfect quality of products is the inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable development of Xinrui.
              Each award reflects Xinrui's strict standards and unremitting pursuit of its own quality.
              We will make persistent fforts to give our support and affirmation to our customers with better products and better service!
              Joining cooperation business qualification certificate
              ISO certification
              Integrity services Alliance certificate
              Excellent cooperation Certificate
              Excellent private enterprise certificate
              Partner thanks
              Partner thanks
              Partner thanks
              • Address: Shanghai Fengxian Industrial Zone No. 99 car line
              • Fax: 021-64544111
              • Email: xinruidu@xinruidu.com
              • Tel:021-54488893 17701693701
              • Sales Phone: 021-54488893 13901897168 17317632837
              • After sales call: 021-64544111 18930406998

              Pay attention to Xinrui

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