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              Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

              Xinrui is committed to providing customers with design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of chemical equipment and complete sets of mixing, mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, filtering and drying, including static mixers, high-speed dispersers, reactor mixers, etc. With solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, the design center truly: tailor-made according to the user's process conditions and specific requirements, always keeping the equipment concentric with the user's process requirements.
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              • Address: Shanghai Fengxian Industrial Zone No. 99 car line
              • Fax: 021-64544111
              • Email: xinruidu@xinruidu.com
              • Tel:021-54488893 17701693701
              • Sales Phone: 021-54488893 13901897168 17317632837
              • After sales call: 021-64544111 18930406998

              Pay attention to Xinrui

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